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Pre Team Volunteers/SSL Hours

Does Your Teenage Swimmer Need Community Service Hours? Most middle school and high school students need community service hours to graduate and being a Whale volunteer is a great way to earn them.

The key to getting the hours is to make sure your child signs the volunteer log each time they volunteer. Without keeping an accurate log, they cannot receive credit for the hours they volunteer.

The volunteer log is a blue binder in the front of the family mailbox. Volunteers can just pull out a blank Volunteer Time Sheet from the pocket of the binder, fill in their name, and start logging their hours.

At the end of the season, I will calculate the hours and provide your child with a certificate they can turn in to their school. I can only complete the certificate based on the hours that are logged in the volunteer sign-in book.

Swimmers can log no more than three (3) SSL hours per day. If there is an exception, approval is necessary from a team rep.

We look forward to having your teenager help with the team!!!

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