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Swim Meet 101


This meet kicks off the swim team season. It is like a regular meet, but with Lake Marion and North Creek, which are the other teams in the Village. Swimmers are encouraged to attend, as times are used by the coaches to determine who is selected for the first "A" meet. 

“A" meets

“A” meets are against other teams in our MCSL division on Saturday morning and scores are kept. These meets have a set line-up, developed by the coaches, using the top times in each event. The coaches send a copy of their line-up to the opposing team by Friday morning. Creating line-ups and entering them into automation takes a lot of time. This is why it is important to let the coaches know your availability and to follow through on your commitment to the meet. If a swimmer does not show-up for an A meet, we have limited options to substitute another swimmer. This means we lose the chance to score points for that event. In a close meet, it can make the difference in winning or losing!

Swimmers are assumed to be available for every “A” meet and will be considered for the line-up. If they are not available, they must indicate that they are not available for the meet by editing their commitment on the website. If you are placed in the line-up but have a change in plans, you must notify the coaches immediately by email. Coaches must follow MSCL rules when creating the Whales line-up. No swimmer may swim more than 5 events --3 individual events and two relays (including IM) or 2 individual events and 3 relays. These placements are mostly determined by the best time.

The swimmers in “A” meets will vary week to week. Never assume that your child will not be selected! 

Checking in for “A” meets: All swimmers are expected to warm-up with the team. If a swimmer does not arrive for warm-ups, they risk being scratched. If you are running late, call the coaches, reps, or even a friend who is there so they can relay word to the coaches. Your child’s spot might not be held if they are late. We understand that emergencies can arise. 

“B” meets

“B” meets are Tuesday or Wednesday nights with other teams in the Village and the surrounding area. “B” meets are run like “A” meets, but a bit less formal. “B” meets may be scored, but the scores do not count to our MCSL standings.

Swimmers who placed first, second or third in events other than freestyle or in the top six in freestyle at the preceding "A" meet may not swim that event at the "B" meet. They can swim other events and cheer for their team!

The coaches need to know in advance who will be swimming in the "B" meets and ask that parents sign up their swimmers for events on the team website. Sign up instructions are available on the website.

Home B meets: Arrive by 4:45 PM ready to warm up

Away B meets: Arrive by 5:00 PM for warm-ups unless told otherwise.

Meals after the meets
Meeting after our swim meets is an important team tradition. After “A” meets, the team usually meets for lunch at Ledo’s in Montgomery Village. After “B” meets, we meet McDonald’s or another local restaurant. Meet ribbons are distributed and placing first, second and third (Blue, Red and White) in your races earns your chance to sing the Star Spangled Banner for the team. This event is open to parents and siblings.

A and B Relays

A relays are an all-relay meet, using 4-6 swimmers from each age group, which generally takes place on a Sunday morning. If you are likely to be in the meet, the coach will contact you a few days before to check if you are available.


This is the championship meet for the six teams in the division. Fewer swimmers are entered than in an “A” meet, as each team may enter only two swimmers per event. Divisionals starts an hour earlier than an “A” meet. Swimmers who are selected to be entered in divisionals will be contacted by the coaches for availability.

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