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How can I help the Whales?

There are plenty of ways to help the Whales! We need each family (mom, dad, grandparent, older sibling) to volunteer a few times each Summer to make our season a success. We encourage one member from each family to work at most meets where their child is swimming. If your schedule or care for younger siblings (aka “future Whales”) does not allow you to help during the meets, there are plenty of ways to help “off the deck” at our many social events.

Our team is run by a committee of Reps:

Meets Representative: Serves as MCSL representative and liaison with the Montgomery Village Foundation. Assists “A” and “B” reps with the running of meets. Manages the running of additional meets (All-Comers, Relays, etc)

“A” Meet Representative: The Representative assists the Meets rep in representing the team at MCSL functions Manages and makes sure “A” meets run smoothly.

"B” Meet Representative: Coordinates and schedules “B” meets, Makes sure “B” meets run smoothly.

Social Representative: Plans and staffs social events

Treasurer: Collects money, pays bills and prepares yearly budget

Registrar: Updates registration portion of website.

Deck Jobs for Meets

The Whales MUST have these jobs filled for every “A” and “B” meet we schedule.

Certified Officials: These jobs require attendance of a mandatory MCSL training session before the season.

  1. Referee (home meets only) – runs meet
  2. Stroke and Turn Judges (need 2 per team at every meet) – judges swimmers stroke and disqualifies swimmers who are not doing the stroke correctly
  3. Starter (away meets only) – starts races

Uncertified Jobs:

Clerk of Course – check in swimmers before races. A great job for those who like to interact with swimmers, especially our young Whales!

Head Timer – Ensure timers are ready before race starts and the accuracy of recorded times. A loud voice is helpful, but not necessary!

Timers (9 per team) – This is a great job for new families and a great way to get to know other team families.

Announcer (home meets only)

Runners – take time cards from Head timer to Automation (“bucket”). This is often worked by an older Whale or sibling who is not swimming in the meet.

  • A Meet Food: Runs Concessions at all home A meets
  • B Meet Food: Runs Concessions at all home B meets
  • Work a Concessions shift—you can still see your kids swim!

Non-Deck Jobs for Meets (in the air-conditioned Community Center)

Automation: Maintain team computer and database, enter times after races and score meet. We need 2 per team at every meet.

Ribbon Writers – fills out ribbons (sticks labels provided by automation)

Non-Meet Jobs

Social events (with the help of the Social Rep):

  • Scoop ice cream to welcome our swimmers back at the Ice Cream Social at the Community Center in mid-May
  • Host the 13 and over BBQ at your home on a weeknight before the beginning of the season.
  • Host the potluck Pasta Dinner on the Friday night before the first home A meet. No cooking needed!
  • Concessions Shopper—make a few runs to Sam’s Club during the season on your own time
  • Purchase and/or sell Friday Donuts poolside at morning practice.
  • Coordinate our Team Pictures—Just takes a few minutes of your time on a Summer morning
  • Lead the Pep Rallies on Friday nights before home A meets
  • 4th of July Parade Coordinators
  • Lead the chefs at the Pancake Breakfast on a morning during the last week of the season. A very popular tradition!
  • Host the Crabfeast with a friend -- coordinate the invitation, ordering, set-up and clean up. This is held on the last Saturday of the regular season.
  • Host the potluck Parent Social on a Saturday evening during season in your home
  • Host the Divisionals poster making at Wine Women and Whales on the Thursday night before Divisionals
  • Help with the Divisionals Dinner on the Friday night before Divisionals
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