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B Meet Eligibility

1.If you swim an event in the A meet, you are not allowed to swim the same event in the following B meet, with the exception of freestyle (see exception below.)

2.The A meet limit of strokes (3 + IM + one relay) does not apply to B meets. There is no limit to the number of events a B swimmer may swim at a B meet (ie. if a B swimmer wishes to swim all 5 events, they may). This will ensure that each swimmer (A or B) gets ONE chance to swim each stroke each week.

3.If you are a usual A swimmer who misses an A meet , you are not eligible to swim your usual A strokes in the following B meet.

A swimmer is eligible to swim freestyle in a B meet as long as they did not place(scoring 1st - 6th) in freestyle during the previous A meet. Those who placed 7th - 12th may swim in the B Meet.

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